Our Vision - Mission

To be the leading and the most trusted pest control company in the country that provides outstanding pest control services through alternative solutions utilizing scientific strategies, employing ecological principles with environmental preservation and human safety in mind.
Entom Pest Control and General Services
ENTOM’S   young management team and staff are energetic and dynamic. Entom is always on the search for new and innovative ways to provide better service to their clients in protecting their health and properties. Coming from the country’s premier state university, they are considered to be one of the most technically capable team in pest management in the industry today. 

Of course, the front liners, the ENTOM servicemen are well trained and competent to give our clients a service their money’s worth and more. This is a combination that makes for a solid capability to provide quality and reliable services.
Our Product and Service -- EFFECTIVE. SAFE.​
Entom Pest Control and General Services
ENTOM firmly believes that modern pest control must be based on a foundation of scientific principles, and modern technology and a large measure of judgement. The Integrated Pest Management or IPM provides a solid foundation for a safe and environmentally-sensitive pest control program. Our service programs have been designed using the principles of IPM to assure our clients with the most effective and the safest methods and materials in pest management. 
Our History
Entom Pest Control and General Services
It all started in 1991, when a group of students from the Department of Entomology at UP Los Baños decided to try their hands at entrepreneurship. And what better field to try their luck is other than the pest control business where they would get to work with a lot of …. INSECTS. With their enthusiasm and sheer determination, thus the Entomological Services Company (ESC) was conceived, and in 1993 it was registered as Entomological and General Services Corp. (EGSCORP). 

With their knowledge about insect working for them, and an open mind to learn new ways of managing pests and satisfy their clients, the young company made an impression to the community of pest-conscious expatriates at AYALA ALABANG VILLAGE. Young as they were, the group however firmly believed that Pest Control or Pest Management is not just controlling pests, but it must also entail a social responsibility to consumer in particular and to the environment. 

Thus, company’s Mission Statement was formulated to always remind them of these responsibilities: 
“To provide alternative pest management services utilizing scientific strategies, employing ecological principles with environmental preservation and human safety in mind.” 
To follow this tenet, the group studied and practiced the principles of Integrated Pest Management or IPM. IPM utilizes scientific strategies that anticipates and prevents pest activity to achieve long-term solutions. It gives great emphasis on the non-chemical techniques of controlling pests such as prevention, exclusion, sanitation and proper waste disposal among other techniques. IPM also gives emphasis on the judicious and safe application of pesticides. 

With their new alternative approach to pest control, many were encouraged to try the services of this upstart group to provide them of a healthy and productive environment. It triggered the chain reaction of satisfied clients, and by word of mouth, it soon became a member of many homes and families. That made it one of the most promising companies in the Pest Control industry. 

In April 1997, in order to satisfy a growing base of clientele, EGSCORP has expanded and reorganized. It was registered as Entom Pest Control. 
With a reorganized, more quality-minded and more customer-focused organization, ENTOM is continuously moving on to provide more QUALITY and RELIABLE services.